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http://scs-oman.com/gaskets/   buy propecia 2019 台北國際工具機展

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how long does levitra last 宏進即將參與展出:期間我們將展示出宏進熔射的各項應用範例,包括熱噴塗應用,如碳化鎢噴塗/鈷基合金噴塗/或自潤性合金應用…等;

http://mail.aai-ny.org/index.php/component/users/?view=remind 及冷噴塗應用,如銅披覆/鈦披覆/多層披覆技術…等。

priligy foro 我們的攤位編號:世貿一館 C1038

http://contapgv.com.br/?format=feed 展出日期:2019年3/4~3/9日

source site 竭誠歡迎您的蒞臨,謝謝。

Plus Metal Tech will attend TIMTOS 2019

We will display the thermal spray applications for each field like tungsten carbide coating, cobalt base alloy coating and the applications of self-lubricating alloy.

Also, we will show the cold spray applications, for example copper coating, titanium coating, multiple layer coating…etc.

Our booth number: Taipei World Trade Center Hall 1 C1038

Exhibition time: Mar. 4th to Mar. 9th

We cordially welcome you to visit our booth! 


2018年宏進通過航太業最高品質系統AS 9100認證




Plus Metal Tech passed AS 9100 certification, the highest quality system in aerospace industry, in 2018.

This is a milestone that PMT apply the thermal spray technology in new field.

Filled the gap of aerospace components supply chain in Taiwan with professional thermal spray technology to promote the industry competitiveness.


2018年宏進通過汽車業最高品質系統IATF 16949認證



Plus Metal Tech passed IATF 16949 certification in 2018, the highest quality system in automotive industry, in 2018.

We will serve the great customers with more rigorous quality request in the future.

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