Other industries


Except the achievements mentioned, we also provide coating for automotive, electric vehicle and aerospace industries. Such as self-lubricating coating for cylinder bore, wear-resistant coating for valve stem, braking and transmission system, thermal barrier coating for turbo components and mass coating production with customized materials.



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Small bore inner coating(Ø>55mm)  

Turbo compressor

  brake disc  

Turbine components









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小孔徑內孔熔射(Ø>55mm)   渦輪增壓器   煞車碟盤  




Fuel Cell

Antioxidant and conductivity at high temperature are critical surface characteristics for bipolar plate(interconnect) of Solid Oxide Fuel Cell(SOFC). For power performance and life-time concern, many tough specifications are required within the bipolar plate coating process.

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Flow Channel of Bipolar Plates

  Bipolar Plates of Fuel Cell  


高溫固態氧化物燃料電池雙極板(連結板)表面必需具備高溫 抗氧化性與高導電性,且需符合多項高規格之檢驗規範。
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雙極板流道   燃料電池雙極板  

Combined Heat and Power (CHP) Industry

Surface characteristics of high-temperature corrosion resistance, erosion resistance, wear resistance and cavitation resistance is mostly required in electronic industry.


Our achievements of coating include walls of boilers, tubes in coal-fired system, arrival manifold (DUCT ECO), tubes in refuse incineration plant, tubes in fluidized bed, eccentric shaft of coal mill, coal mill roller and plates, induced draft fans (IDF)…etc.

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    Repair for Eccentric Shafts
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Milling Disk   Grinding Wheel  

Tubes of Refuse

Incineration Plant

  Tube Wall (Onsite Service)