◆ C.C.Line

Feed Roll

Table Roll
Pinch Roll
Bearing Housing



◆ Coke Ovens


Grizzly Bar
Tuyres of Blast Furnace



◆ Hot Mill Line

Rough Mill Table Roll

Hot-Run Table Roll

Pinch Roll

Wrapper Roll

Side Guide Roll

Looper Roll

Seal End Plate




◆ Rod Mill

Guide Roll

Pinch Roll

Capstan Roll




Hearth Roll

Bearing Housing




Sink Roll

Support Roll

Sleeve of Sink Roll

Metal of Support Roll


Briddle Roll

Deflector Roll

Touch Roll

Hearth Roll


steel01 Guide roll for material trolley  steel02 Wrapper Roll 
steel03 Water Cool Rolls steel04 Hearth Roll

steel05   steel06   steel07   steel08   steel09
Turbine wheel of blower   Capstan Roller   Cradle Roll   Sink Roll   Support Roll

steel10   steel11   steel12   steel13
Tension Roll   Piston Rod   Air sealing   Expansion sheet

steel14   steel15   steel16   steel17
Driver   Sleeves and Bushes   Radiant tube   Oil Seal Ring




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