Petrochemical Industry


Surface characteristics of wear-resist, corrosion-resist and thermal barrier are mostly required in petrochemical industry.

Our achievements of coating include repairing with high-pressure pistion rods, shafts for hydraulic cylinders, rotation valves, rotors of blowers, rotors of gas turbines, gas nozzle and ball valves...etc.


petrochemical01   petrochemical02   petrochemical03
Piston Rod   Ball Valve   Rotation valve

petrochemical04   petrochemical05  

petrochemical06   petrochemical07   petrochemical08


End Cover coated


  Reaction Tank   Screw of Centrifuge

petrochemical09   petrochemical10

Cylinder Inner Surface

(Before repairing)


Cylinder Inner Surface (Repaired)

Heat Exchanger coating

(Onsite Service)

  Sleeve of Steam Tube  

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